Fusion Splicer Repairs

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Repair

Mohawk Ltd. repairs the following FIber Fusion Splicers.  To request a quote or additional information on a product or group of products, please fill out the contact form below.  if your product does not appear please feel free to contact us at 315-737-7328

Fusion Splicer Line Card

  • FITEL S-121A Splicer
  • FITEL S-121M Splicer
  • FITEL S-121S Splicer
  • FITEL S-122A Splicer
  • FITEL S-122M12 Splicer
  • FITEL S-176CF Splicer
  • FITEL S-176CR Splicer
  • FITEL S-176LP Splicer
  • FITEL S-177A Splicer
  • FITEL S-182A Splicer
  • FITEL S-182K Splicer
  • FITEL S-182PM Splicer
  • FITEL S-183PM Splicer
  • FITEL S-199M12 Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-11S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-12S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-15SA Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-16S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-17S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-17R Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-19S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-20CS Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-20RSII12 Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-20RS12 Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-30R Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-30S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-40R24 Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-40S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-50R12 Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-50S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-60R Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-60S Splicer
  • FUJIKURA FSM-90 Splicer
  • CORNING C752 Splicer
  • ERICSSON FSU995FA Splicer
  • GREENLEE 910FS Splicer
  • ORIENTEK FTTH T35 Splicer
  • SIECOR M90 Splicer
  • SIECOR X76 Splicer
  • SIECOR C752 Splicer
  • SIECOR X75 Splicer
  • SIECOR X77 Splicer
  • SHINEWAY TECH OFS-60 Splicer
  • SHINEWAY TECH OFS-80 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-25 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-25E Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-25S Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-25ES Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-25M Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-35 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-35SE Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-36 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-37 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-37SE Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-39 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-41S Splicer
  • SUMITOMO Type-45S Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-51 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-61 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-62 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-63 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-65 Splicer
  • SUMITOMO TYPE-65M12 Splicer

Featured Products

INNO View 12R Fusion Splicer

  • 5” Touch Screen with Smart GUI
  • Interchangeable fiber holders single-12 fibers
  • Motorized Clamp – Improved Accuracy
  • Ribbon fiber:15 sec / Single fiber: 9 sec

More Info

  • Compact and convenient: 1.5kg with battery
  • Four motors, special precision-positioning technology
  • Auto splice, auto arc optimization, auto heating
  • ≤9s splicing time, ≤36s heating time (adjustable)

More Info

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