Cleaver & Stripper Repair

Fiber Optic Cleaver & Stripper Repairs

Mohawk Ltd. repairs the following FIber Strippers and Cleavers.  To request a quote or additional information on a product or group of products, please fill out the contact form below.  if your product does not appear please feel free to contact us at 315-737-7328

Fiber Cleavers

  • CORNING FBC012 Fiber Cleaver
  • CORNING S46999M9D12 Fiber Cleaver
  • CORNING S46999M9D13 Fiber Cleaver
  • FITEL S321 Fiber Cleaver
  • FITEL S323 Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT04 Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT04B Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT05 Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT06 Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT07 Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT07BS Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT100B Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT20 Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA CT30 Fiber Cleaver
  • FUJIKURA HJS-02 Fiber Jacket Stripper
  • ILSINTECH CI-02 Fiber Cleaver
  • INNO V7 Fiber Cleaver
  • JILONG KL-21 Fiber Cleaver
  • SIECOR S46999M9A8 Fiber Cleaver
  • SHINEWAY TECH ACOFS-21 Fiber Cleaver
  • SUMITOMO FC6M Fiber Cleaver
  • SUMITOMO FC7 Fiber Cleaver
  • SUMITOMO FCP22L Fiber Cleaver
  • SUMITOMO FCP-25 Fiber Cleaver
  • THOMAS & BETTS Fiber Cleaver

Fiber Strippers

  • FITEL S218 Fiber Stripper
  • FUJIKURA HJS01 Fiber Stripper
  • FUJIKURA HJS02 Fiber Stripper
  • INNO TS-Plus Thermal Fiber Stripper
  • SIECOR S46999M9C12 Fiber Stripper
  • SIECOR S46999M9D12 Fiber Stripper
  • SUMITOMO JR4A Fiber optic ribbon stripper
  • SUMITOMO JR5 Fiber optic ribbon stripper

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